SCALA People’s Choice Winners On 3D Radio’s “Live From Studio 3”

On June 26th, both Emerauld and Kaelin Haimes (3rd and 2nd place repectively) recently played some songs on the popular 3D Radio program “Live From Studio 3”

Check out the videos below to fully immerse yourself in some wonderful songwriting.

First , here’s some Emerauld…

The finally some Kaelin Haimes…

Here’s some more photos from the event…

Kaelin Haimes

Emerauld being interviewed by Josh

Emerauld in full flight

See what happens when you enter SCALA competitions… But seriously, some opportunities can certainly come your way.

While we’re on the topic of song competitions, FOOM2024 is about to start accepting entries. From July 1st you can put your entries in. For more information go to the FOOM page on the SCALA site

Watch this space 🙂

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