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Here are 25 solid lyric prompts that are designed to get your emotions, physical senses, and inspiration engaged and a seriously good song lyric rolling forward.

Here is something to kickstart your songwriting process especially when it comes to writing lyrics…

The article “25 Really Good Lyric Prompts” written by Robin Frederick, offers 25 effective lyric prompts designed to inspire songwriters and kickstart their creativity, even on challenging days.

These prompts are intended to engage emotions, memories, and physical senses to produce meaningful lyrics. Here are the categories and examples of the prompts provided:

  1. Finish the Phrase:
    • Complete phrases like “What I want you to know is…” or “There’s nothing left to say except…”.
  2. Use a Memory:
    • Write about a past relationship or a memorable trip and its significance.
  3. Use a Hit Song:
    • Write from the perspective of another person in songs like “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles or “Hello” by Adele.
  4. Convince a Stranger:
    • Persuade a stranger of statements such as “One person really can make a difference.”
  5. Write About a Character:
    • Describe characters from songs like “Material Girl” by Madonna or pairs like Romeo and Juliet.
  6. Get Physical:
    • Express emotions using physical sensations, like cold for sorrow or various senses for love.
  7. Use a Cliché to Launch a Lyric:
    • Use or twist clichés to create new song ideas, such as using “If you play your cards right.”
  8. Use a Situation:
    • Describe feelings in specific scenarios, such as falling in love at first sight or fearing a breakup.

Quick Tips:

  • Start by jotting down words and phrases suggested by the prompt.
  • Avoid run-on sentences; keep phrases short and simple.
  • Don’t aim for perfect lyrics initially; focus on capturing initial thoughts and feelings.

Additional Resources

I can’t recommend Robin Frederick’s website enough for anyone wanting to start off their songwriting journey or need a little help along their path.

Source: 25 Really Good Lyric Prompts – MY SONG COACH

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