The 2024 SCALA People’s Choice Song Competition Is Fast Approaching

The SCALA People’s Choice Song Competition showcases original songs performed live, with 3 winners selected by popular vote.

Songs must not be previously recorded for commercial distribution or radio airplay (including independent release), offered for commercial download, published, be subject to recording or publishing agreements, or have won prizes in other competitions.

There will be a first, second, and third prize based on the most popular choices from the audience. Audience members will get one vote only for their preferred song/ performer.

1st prize will go to the performer with the most votes, 2nd prize to the performer with the second most votes and 3rd prize to the performer with the third most votes.

(A tie in any position will result in the prize money being split evenly between the tied performers for that position)

The prizes are as follows… 1st prize will be $600, 2nd prize $400, 3rd prize $200.

As always, SCALA is on the lookout for new original material that touch, move and inspire us. Enter now and become part of the 2024 SCALA People’s Choice Songwriting Competition

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Corey Stewart
Corey Stewart
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